After graduating from law school, Ralph Leon dusts before the bar exam and drives out to Los Angeles to try his luck at acting. Failing to land a gig, he ends up on Hollywood Boulevard, where he puts his talents to use as the impersonator of an obscure crime-fighting magician from the '30s. As Ralph works the Strip, he falls for Constance, a beautiful and sweet ringer for Marilyn Monroe.

When Constance turns up dead, Ralph joins forces with Sunny, a feisty former gymnast and Japanime impersonator, and some fellow caped crusaders to do a little sleuthing. He puts his hard-boiled knowledge and acting skills to use and soon finds himself tracking a sleazy Hollywood producer and a greedy real estate mogul, Ralph unearths the roots of the mortgage crisis in Los Angeles, brings Constance's killer to light and serves his own brand of justice to become Grauman's Last Hero.



A 25-year-old law school student decides to duck out of his bar exam and head out to LA to become an actor. Ralph has read a few too many dime store novels for his own good and adopts his favorite pulp hero and not-so-famous crime-fighting magician, Herr Penndragon, as his character on Hollywood Boulevard to earn a living. Ralph is a good boy from the Midwest with a hardboiled vocabulary and a lot to learn. His sense of justice is incorruptible, though, and he roots out Constance's killer with a vengeance and discovers the mortgage conspiracy along the way.

Interview with Ralph



A feisty 35-year-old lesbian with a slight case of arrested development, Sunny, aka Sun-Yi, immigrated from China with her family as a child and crushed her family's hopes of her becoming a star gymnast with her contrarianism. She works the strip as the sword-wielding Japanime misanthrope Haru and quickly becomes good friends with Ralph. When Ralph decides to take on Constance's killer, Sunny immediately offers to back him up and finally discovers what she wants to do with her life in the process.

Interview with Sunny



The blonde bombshell with a heart of gold is, like Ralph, a little out of place in the modern age. She falls in love with Ralph, but unfortunately, she is already connected to a sleazy Hollywood producer in the hopes of putting him, and the rest of his mortgage fraud ring, behind bars to avenge her mother's foreclosure. Constance makes one last desperate attempt to find the information she needs to lock up Manheim and his cronies, but she is caught redhanded. Her murder is set up to look like suicide.

Interview with Constance



Grauman's greatest femme fatale has a few tricks up her sleeve and a fistful of men in her pocket. Vera works as sexy superhero Sirena on the strip while cocktail waitressing big Hollywood parties on the side. She wants to be a star and will stop at nothing to have her name enshrined on Hollywood Boulevard. Her roommate Constance tragically gets in her way, and Ralph's sleuthing soon follows. Vera tries to distract Ralph and ends up caring a little too much.

Interview with Vera
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